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Alchemy Theatre Company presents : Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play @ The Costa Mesa Playhouse – Review

(Photos by Amy Lauren Gettys)

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

Ladies and gentlemen, the apocalypse has occurred.  Doomsday has come.  Let chaos and sorrow reign.  In Mr. Burns (playing at the Costa Mesa Playhouse) millions are dead, whole cities are abandoned, and electricity is a thing of the past.  So what is at the forefront of everyone’s mind? The Simpsons.  It’s actually not that surprising, the idea that survivors of a mass tragedy would steadfastly cling to pop-culture references that are familiar to so many people.  What IS a bit startling is a the evolution of such a reference, the gradual change from a mere source of entertainment to a mythology that only loosely resembles its source material.   Continue Reading

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Chess: the musical @ Irvine Barclay Theatre in Irvine – Review

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

We’re in a politically charged climate and UCI has elected to put on Chess the musical.  While I have heard of Chess, before tonight I had not heard any of the score, nor had I read up on the synopsis–I walked in blind.  Believe it or not I kind of thought it might be in the same vein as the “Putnam Spelling Bee” musical–I was wrong.  So very wrong.  Chess could not be more dramatic if it tried, and it really really tries.  Continue Reading

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Gem of the Ocean @ South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa – Review

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(photo courtesy: Jordan Kubat)

Written by Patrick Chavis 

Gem of the Ocean, now playing at South Coast Repertory, is the first play in a 10-play series by August Wilson, which covers every single decade of the twentieth century.  These plays were not written in order, nor was Gem of the Ocean the first play written. Regardless, all of them demonstrate Wilson’s talent for getting to the point of serious issues –predominantly African-American issues but a few other topics as well –while also creating dramatic, honest and entertaining theatre.  South Coast Repertory’s rendition of this classic play is a strong production, but more importantly, its lessons about what is right, wrong, and truthful are still incredibly relevant more than a decade later.   Continue Reading

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Secret in the Wings @ Fullerton Union High School – Review

(photo courtesy :  Melanie Pinzon) 

Written by Daniella Litvak 

Of all the plays I have had the privilege of reviewing this year, Secret in the Wings is by far the most unconventional.  This quality is a double edged sword.  On the one hand we are being treated to stunning visuals and some hysterical moments of black comedy.  On the other it leads to muddled and repetitive storytelling.  It is an interesting, unnerving theatrical experience. Continue Reading

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