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Summertime Theatre Goes Outside in the OC – News


photo courtesy: Jordan Kubat

Written by Patrick Chavis 

Romeo & Juliet is performing @ the Strawberry Bowl in Garden Grove from July 23rd – July 31st. If you don’t know what Romeo & Juliet is you either never went to school or have an intense hatred of theatre–and if that’s the case you probably won’t see this show anyway. The Strawberry Bowl Theatre in Garden Grove is right next to the Gem Theatre and its a wonderful venue where I’ve only had good experiences. This version of Romeo & Juliet is extra special due to it’s multi-cultural cast. Romeo is played by Ramon de Ocampo and Juliet by Chinese-American actress Nikki SooHoo (known for her roles in Stick It and The Lovely Bones).  

Buy your tickets @ the link below:





Location: 12762 Main St. Garden Grove, CA 92840


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C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters @ The Irvine Barclay Theatre in Irvine – Review

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis is one of the most thought-provoking plays, I have ever seen.  It is witty, pragmatic, and as dense with social commentary as one would ever want a story from a demon’s viewpoint to be. During a talk-back Lead actor Max McLean mentioned that he hopes members of the audience will go read the book.  You know what?  I will.  

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Our Life: The Black Youth Stories @ University of California, Irvine – Live Stream

Provided by the HowlRound TV network


A full recording of the original play Our Life: the black youth stories that premiered @ the university of california,


Taken directly from the website:

“Our Life: The Black Youth Stories is a production of carefully pieced stories from black Americans about the black experience in America. Specifically, these narratives will focus on the experience of black youths, past and present, forced to view their blackness as limitation and the lasting effects these limitations create. Our intent is to develop a performance piece that creates a conversation about the current climate of black America, compares it to the conditions of the past, and fosters dialogue on how we can begin to navigate the continuing adversity.”

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The Miracle Worker @ The Attic Theater in Santa Ana – Review

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

There is something drippy and self-important about naming a piece”The Miracle Worker”.  Along with words like “angel” and “blessed”, “miracle” manages to sound as though it’s trying to make you tear up before the plot’s been introduced. Based on the true-life experiences of famed deaf and blind author Helen Keller and her teacher/lifelong friend Anne Sullivan, this is the sort of passion-driven story that if done right will have your attention from beginning to end. The Attic Community Theater’s production had me blinking, but not for very long. 


photo courtesy: Jennifer Owens

I describe Helen Keller above as an author, but in truth she is more–her descriptions range from political and social activist, to lecturer, to the first deaf & blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree.   She revolutionized the way American people treated others with disabilities.  But “The Miracle Worker” is not a play about her triumphs in the public eye–it is the story of what could be described as her most vulnerable stage, and the singular person who comes to aid her in her plight.  In the play we get to watch the isolating effect Helen’s physical limitations have on her and her entire family.  In desperation the family reaches out to a doctor who recommends the young and visually impaired but still tough Annie Sullivan. With sheer willpower she battles to break through the wall that has been set firmly around her young charge.   Continue Reading

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Four Weddings and Alot of Sarcasm – Always A Bridesmaid presented by American Coast Theatre Company @ Vanguard University in Costa Mesa

Photo courtesy : Susie Sprinkel Hudson 

Written by Daniella Litvak

It’s not summer until you’ve eaten barbecue, gone to the beach, or attended a wedding.  Luckily, “Always A Bridesmaid”   put on by American Coast Theatre company invites you to four weddings.  During their high school prom we meet Libby Ruth (Susan K. Berkompas), Deedra (Maria Cominis), Charlie (Vanda Eggington), and Monette (Deborah Marley) who are four best friends making a pact to be bridesmaids at each other’s weddings.  Time passes, and now they have to make good on their promise –over and over again.

Honestly, the plot is really just an excuse to get four friends together in a room and let them engage in snark-to-snark combat while wearing ridiculous bridesmaid dresses before the impending nuptials occur.  The downside of this repetitiveness  is that the few times “Always A Bridesmaid” tries to discuss something seriously, it feels shoehorned in.  The instance that really sticks out is Libby Ruth’s fear that her daughter won’t find love.  While the first scene is necessary to establish characters, tone, and a normal atmosphere to heighten the contrast with later wackiness, the scene could be trimmed down a fair bit to make the story tighter.  The upside is the show stuffs itself with great one-liners and banter, which makes for a fun viewing experience. Continue Reading

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