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OC-centric: Orange County’s New Play Festival – NEWS

Taken directly from the press release: 

OC-centric presents six great stories no local theatergoer should miss – stirring, affecting new works from highly regarded local playwrights and directors, fully produced and fully realized, brought to life by actors and directors from the Orange County, Los Angeles and Inland Empire theatre scenes.

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New Features on OCR!

USER Ratings: 

At the bottom of each review on OCR there is a review sheet underneath the critic’s score. By filling out the sheet you will be able to give your opinion while also adding your USER Score to the site. With your contribution using the USER & Critic score I believe we can get a more accurate score and critique for each show. Continue Reading

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Who is the Green Man? : Green Man @ STAGEStheatre in Fullerton – Review

Written by Scotty Keister 

Who the heck is this green guy and what does he want? Why do these three people seem to know him as someone completely different? How long does it take to get all that green crap off? These were the questions I kept asking myself during the West Coast Premiere of Jim Knable’s “Green Man,” currently running at Stages Theatre. These questions are all eventually answered, all except for the part about taking the green stuff off. That’s the one that really puzzled me. Continue Reading

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