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1776 @ Newport Theatre Arts Center in Newport Beach – Review

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

As we approach our annual time of summer patriotism, I find myself hard pressed to name shows that are appropriate for the season.  American politics is often a heated subject and an exhausting constant in the United States. When it comes to arguing about it, the most enthusiastic debaters often resort to invoking the founding fathers.  “Our founding fathers fought for freedom, therefore…!”  Now with the 4th of July drawing nearer, it seems only fitting to watch a play featuring these historic men.   For anyone staying in the New York area sometime soon, I hear good things about Hamilton.  Although it’s currently easier to get into the Pearly Gates while still living than it is to get into that show.  For us west coasters there is a smaller, less lavish musical to attend about that time period– 1776, playing over at the Newport Theatre Arts Center. Continue Reading

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