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Alchemy Theatre Company presents : Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play @ The Costa Mesa Playhouse – Review

(Photos by Amy Lauren Gettys)

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

Ladies and gentlemen, the apocalypse has occurred.  Doomsday has come.  Let chaos and sorrow reign.  In Mr. Burns (playing at the Costa Mesa Playhouse) millions are dead, whole cities are abandoned, and electricity is a thing of the past.  So what is at the forefront of everyone’s mind? The Simpsons.  It’s actually not that surprising, the idea that survivors of a mass tragedy would steadfastly cling to pop-culture references that are familiar to so many people.  What IS a bit startling is a the evolution of such a reference, the gradual change from a mere source of entertainment to a mythology that only loosely resembles its source material.   Continue Reading

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