Orange County Theatre Reviews

The Other Place @ Chance Theatre in Anaheim – Review

(photos by Doug Catiller, True Image Studio)

Written by Patrick Chavis 

The human mind is a fascinating place. For all the technical advances we have made as human beings, just how exactly the mind works is still a mystery. This is why we have fields like psychology, philosophy, and other branches of study which are trying to make sense of humanity and why we do the things we do.  These mysteries and truths have been chronicled in stories, plays, and movies for decades.  The Other Place now playing at the Chance Theatre is one more of these psychological stories — delving into the complexity of the human mind and its effect on our lives in a way that is somehow simultaneously comical and tragic.  Continue Reading

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The Producers @ The Gem Theatre in Garden Grove – Review

Written by Daniella Litvak 

I am a fan of Mel Brooks’s works in general and of The Producers specifically.  Before seeing The Producers at The Gem Theater I had already seen both the 1968 and 2005 film versions, listened repeatedly to the Original Broadway Cast recording, and seen the musical performed live.  I know the story.  More importantly, I like the story. Continue Reading

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