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Help Support Modjeska Playhouse Theater Company

Written by Patrick Chavis

Taken from Modjeska Playhouse Newsletter:

“Hi everyone!

It’s been a while. We hope this message finds you safe and well. We’ve missed seeing your faces and entertaining all of you.

As you can imagine, this pandemic did a number on all of us at Modjeska Playhouse. We were in the middle of our run of Murder at Modjeska Manor in March 2020 when state and federal governments across the country mandated all live theater venues be shut down to combat the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, “Two weeks to stop the spread” turned into 18 months (and counting) of being completely dark and unable to conduct our normal theater operations. Continue Reading

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The Crucible @ Maverick Theater in Fullerton – Review

(photos by Austin M Bauman)

Written by Patrick Chavis

I’m not a stranger to the story of The Crucible, having seen theater productions and the film version before. It’s a classic for good reason. The Crucible has legs. Its story and themes are timeless. From what I’ve read, Arthur Miller, the playwright, partially wrote it in response to “McCarthyism” because many people were being blacklisted in Hollywood if they were accused of having a connection to Communism, whether it was true or not. This play is a great example of how the truth can be twisted and used for power, greed, and the destruction of people’s lives. The Maverick and a cast of veteran actors inhabit the characters and show off their long-practiced skills onstage to great effect. Continue Reading

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