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Next to Normal @ Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana – Review

(Photo by Jordan Kubat Photography) 

The Wayward Artist is pleased to produce the pop/rock, hit musical ‘Next to Normal’! Join Diana Goodman and her family in their anything-but-normal suburban home. ‘Next to Normal’ explores the effects of extreme loss and the tolls mental illness can have on a modern-day family.

April 12 – 28, 2019 

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(Photo by Matthew Murphy)

Written by Patrick Chavis 

Cats was, for nearly a decade, the longest-running Broadway show in history. Some of the songs in Cats are iconic. I’ve never seen Cats, but I found myself humming along to the tunes as if I’ve known them my entire life. Cats is playing now at the Segerstrom Centers for the Arts for a very short run of 6 nights. While this production will probably thrill the already initiated Cats fan. The spectacle of Cats can leave newbies a little confused with the direction of the story. Continue Reading

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You’re Trapped Underground! : Floyd Collins The Musical @ Newport Theatre Arts Center in Newport Beach – Review

(photo credit: Ron Yee)

Written by Scotty Keister 

Spelunking, or the exploring of caves, seems to be an odd topic for a stage musical. Floyd Collins, based on the true story of a Kentucky man stuck underground for seventeen days in 1925, proves a little too odd to be a complete success. The musical, now running at the Newport Theater Arts Center, is a handsomely produced show featuring a remarkable set design and solid performances, but there is something missing in the play itself. Continue Reading

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The Phantom of the Opera @ Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts – Review

Written by Daniella Litvak

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera (“Phantom”) isn’t just a musical — it’s the musical.  Famous for its dramatic score, elaborate costuming and stage design, iconic title character, and for being the longest running show in Broadway history, Phantom is the musical all other musicals measure itself against.  Seeing a performance is considered a must for any musical theater fan. Continue Reading

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CABARET @ Stage Door Repertory Theatre in Anaheim – Review

 (Photo Credit: Amy Gettys)

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

Cabaret is a musical about German people having orgies in clubs, or at least that is what I would have told you before Saturday night.  I had heard of Cabaret, even listened to some of the music, but it’s somewhat striking how off-base I was about the actual premise of the show.   It’s a drama about — wait.  No.  If you haven’t seen or heard in great detail about Cabaret just wait, pause for a moment, and think.  The musical takes place during the early 1930’s Germany, so I want you to close your eyes for a moment and guess what it’s about.  Ready?  What is it about?  It’s about the Nazi’s rise to power because obviously, what else could it be?  Seriously, the performance began and I thought, “How interesting, a raunchy night club running during 1930s. ”  By the end of the show, I was thinking, “Dear God, has anything good happened in Germany ever?” All snark aside, this was a musical with some interesting material, the quality of which rose quite a few notches once we made it to Act 2. Continue Reading

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Blues in the Night @ Laguna Playhouse – Review

(PHOTO CREDIT:  Ed Krieger)

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

Make of this what you will, but to me, the “blues” was only something that plays in the background while at restaurants (quietly of course so as not to distract from the table chatter).  I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed at the prospect of spending an evening attending a show called Blues In The Night.  Yet once the show began, my biases were proven completely unfounded. Almost against my will, I was lured into the music and into the lives of the characters onstage.  Though I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as ‘riveting’ all the way through, Blues In The Night varies in range, tempo, and soul.  It is one of the most pleasant surprises I have had in a while. Continue Reading

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