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Serial Killers OC @ The Chance Theatre in Anaheim – First Night 4-24-2015 Competition Update

Rules of Serial Killers OC :  5 play groups showed up on April 24th @ 11 pm at the Chance Theatre only 3 shows were victorious and will return next session to continue their story.


Four individuals as they traverse the Paradox Tunnels in their effort to solve the puzzle and survive the maze.

Written by Drew Chappell 

Directed by Travis K. Donnelly 

Guide –   Mary Sherg 

Misty – Jessica Ackerson 

Perter – Christopher Yu

Tasha – Sara Farrell

Kane – Alexander Walters  

P1000146 (1)

P1000166 (1)

Birds Of a together, Feathers Flying

Two brothers get into an argument after Nathan (Collin Andrews)  a cop finds out his little Brother Jimmy (Kieran Flanagan) is selling drugs out of their house; hilarity ensues.

Written by Varag Kamali

Directed by Ryan Hawke East

Nathan – Collin Andrews

Jimmy – Kieran Flanagan

P1000162 (1)

P1000171 (1)

Girl Problems

In a random turn of events Lyle a sensitive guy is turned into a girl and now has to figure out out how to turn himself back while trying to adapt to his new womanly form.

Written and Directed by Lexi Heuser & Kian Amini

Lyle (M) –  Griffin Vrabeck

Lyle (F) – Brooklyn Boukather

Shawn – Michael Fenner

Melissa –  Liz Farkas

Emma – Elena Bonvinci

Heather – Amanda Cohn

P1000148 (1)

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The Bartender 

Bartender is a complicated story about how millennials deal with social interaction.

Written and Directed by Itztli De La Torre

Alex- Jessica Ackerson

Bouncer – Gina Sandy

Josh – Carlos De La Torre

Hephaestus – Christopher Yu

P1000155 (1)

P1000180 (1)


Two brothers, that have different viewpoints on their father, argue about him before his funeral. 

Written and Directed by Travis K Donnelly 

John – Jake LaRosa 

Joe – Alexander Walters 

P1000139 (1)

P1000184 (1)


Birds Of A Together, Feathers Flying

Girl Problems


If you like what you’ve read and heard, come to the next serial killers as an act or a guest and lets kill some more acts. P1000165 (1) Next show is May 1st 11pm.

If you want to be apart of the next show email a 10 minute script to Travis Donnelly @

Then get your group together. For more specific info check the Serial Killers Website

Location : Chance Theater 5522 E. La Palma Ave.   Anaheim, CA  92807

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FREE Shakespeare @ UCI – The Shakespeare Short Festival – NEWS

The Schedule and Location are below. 


The Tempest, director, Travis Kendrick

The Two Gentlemen of Verona, director, Sarah Butts

Macbeth, director, Paul Cook




Thursday, April 30
7:00 pm — Macbeth
9:00 pm — The Tempest


Friday, May 1
7:00 pm — The Tempest
9:00 pm — The Two Gentlemen of Verona


Saturday, May 2
12:00 pm — The Tempest
  1:30 pm — The Two Gentlemen of Verona
  3:00 pm — Macbeth
  7:00 pm — The Two Gentlemen of Verona
  9:00 pm  — Macbeth


The show will take place at the Intercollegiate Athletic Building (#625) University of California, Irvine 

Irvine, CA 92697

Link to a printable Campus Map Here 

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Serial Killers OC Needs Your Stories @ The Chance Theatre in Anaheim – News

taken directly from The Chance Theatre’s Website 


Serial Killers is a late night performance that pits five 10-minute plays against one another.  Each group performs their 10-minute, and at the end of the evening the audience votes for three stories to be continued.  Those three groups return the following week to be joined by two new groups, and perform the next 10-minutes of the story they started the week before.  As long as a group is voted back, they continue the story that they started with their first performance.


Unless otherwise specified, each submission of a 10-minute is assumed to have a complete group of author, director, and actors.


“Chance is committed to promoting local artists and their original work. Serial Killers is a chance for us as a community of artists to come together and celebrate our different ideas and concepts of what theatre can be in a fun and exciting venue.”

2015 schedule is as follows:

• 04/24/15 – Cycle 1, Battle 1

• 05/01/15 – Cycle 1, Battle 2

• 05/08/15 – Cycle 1, Battle 3


• 07/24/15 – Cycle 2, Battle 1

• 07/31/15 – Cycle 2, Battle 2

• 08/07/15 – Cycle 2, Battle 3


• 10/09/15 – Cycle 3, Battle 1

• 10/16/15 – Cycle 3, Battle 2

• 10/23/15 – Cycle 3, Battle 3

• 12/11/15 Playoffs

• 12/18/15 Finale


First performance is April 24th so get your material in soon if you want to compete.

Submit your ten minute scripts to :

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There are still tickets for the one man show AN EVENING WITH GARRISON KEILLOR – If your not familiar with Garrison Keillor he is the host of Prairie Home Companion (NPR). This brilliant storyteller and humorist will grace the Segerstrom stage for one night only April 13, 2015, 8:00 p.m. Good seats are still available.

We may also have a podcast coming soon so look out for the post show interview.



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