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January 27 – February 26, 2017 on the Cripe Stage

West Coast Premiere


Book, Music and Lyrics by Marshall Pailet and Drew Fornarola

Directed by Marshall Pailet

Musical Direction by Ryan O’Connell

Choreographed by Maxx Reed

Executive Producer: Mary Kay Fyda-Mar

A new musical comedy that follows a very super hero, his less super little brother, and one butt-kicking princess, as the three embark on a mission to overcome killer eggplants, a love-starved platypus, and their own 8-bit existential crisis.

April 21 – May 21, 2017

on the Fyda-Mar Stage



by Will Eno

Directed by Trevor Biship

Executive Producers: Scott & Sandra Graham

Middletown is a deeply moving and funny new play exploring the universe of a small American town. As a friendship develops between longtime resident John Dodge and new arrival Mary Swanson, the lives of the inhabitants of Middletown intersect in strange and poignant ways in a journey that takes them from the local library to outer space and points between.

June 30 – July 30, 2017

on the Cripe Stage


Book by Alfred Uhry

Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown

Directed by Kari Hayter

Musical Direction by Robyn Manion

Executive Producers: Sophie & Larry Cripe

Associate Producers: Laurie Smits Staude and Rachelle Menaker & Eddie Schuller

Amid religious intolerance, political injustice and racial tension, this stirring Tony Award-winning musical explores the endurance of love and hope against all the odds. In 1913, Leo Frank, a Brooklyn-raised Jew living in Georgia, was put on trial for the murder of a 13-year-old girl. Armed with a rousing score and a powerful script, Parade takes an unflinching look into the darkest corners of America’s history.

September 8 – October 8, 2017

on the Fyda-Mar Stage



by Lauren Yee

Directed by Jocelyn A. Brown

Executive Producers: Rachelle Menaker & Eddie Schuller

Associate Producer: Nexgen Pharma

Today is the two-year anniversary of Fiona’s son’s disappearance, and still, nothing makes sense to her. Not her blasé husband, the incompetent detective, or the neighborhood kidnapper who keeps introducing himself in the checkout line. As Fiona delves back into her memories of that fateful day, to uncover that crucial missing piece, grief and comedy collide, and ordinary turns of phrase take on dangerous new meanings.

NOTE: This show contains some adult language.

 September 22  – October 22, 2017

on the Cripe Stage



by Nina Raine

Directed by Marya Mazor

Executive Producers: Tod & Linda White

Associate Producers: Sophie & Larry Cripe and Laurie Smits Staude

Billy was born deaf into a hearing family. He was raised inside its fiercely idiosyncratic and politically incorrect cocoon. He has adapted brilliantly to his family’s unconventional ways, but they’ve never bothered to return the favor. It’s not until he meets Sylvia, a young woman on the brink of deafness, that he finally understands what it means to be understood.

NOTE: This show contains some adult language and themes.

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