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headshot2Congratulations to Casey Moriarty and his winning paragraph on the best show of the year.


My name is Casey Moriarty and I’d like to submit for your consideration my thoughts on my favorite show I’ve seen in Orange County so far this year: that would be Chapman University’s production of Hamlet, which I attended on the 28th of February. I choose this play in particular for several reasons; the first being the fact that I can’t help but admire the ambition that is required to mount a college production ofHamlet – that play is an incredible challenge – and moreover the fact that they pulled it off mostly successfully, in my opinion. As a great patron of classical theatre and particularly Shakespeare, I love to see these timeless plays updated but also informed by the theatrical traditions of centuries past; this production married modern technology with an honest-to-God Greek chorus to evoke the ghost of Hamlet’s father. The theatre nerd within me was positively aglow with delight. The young man playing Hamlet, Morgan Lauff, did a magnificent job with one of the most challenging roles any actor can undertake and the classic Shakespearean dialogue never felt forced. I have seen many shows in Orange County so far this year, some amateur, some professional, but I do not hesitate in declaring Chapman’s take on the Bard’s greatest work as my favorite thus far.


We really enjoyed reading your submission on Chapman University’s production of Hamlet, and are pleased to find someone as geeky as us. Congratulations again and thank you for reading the Orange Curtain Review.  





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