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Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

On Thursday, I saw Hearts Like Fists over at Cal State Fullerton’s Hallberg Theatre.   Despite what the title would suggest, the show showed a distinct lack of substance. Full of ideas, full of action, but very little heart.


(Left to right: Bailey Castle- Jazmin, Emily Ruth James – Nina, Lena Agulian-Lisa, Stephanie Wilborn- Sally) Photo Courtesy: Abraham William / Daily Titan

The story follows Lisa, a vigilante who tries to independently take down our villain Dr. X, played to near-perfection by Chayan Tavakoly. While unsuccessful she manages to gain the attention of the all female band of superheroes known as The Crimefighters (it’s satire so we’ll overlook the ridiculous name). They ask her to join and she must make the century old decision—should she be a superhero or open her heart to Love? The love interest here is a doctor named Peter who has issues with his heart because it has been broken too many times, Lisa has issues with her heart because she is afraid to open it up. As an audience member you get tired of this so fast. It’s just boring and it’s not helped by the main actors playing the love interests, they don’t seem real. I know the irony of saying character aren’t acting real in a satire, but in this case the main title characters are what ground this play. It’s a play of transitions, loud to soft, serious to humorous and those beats can be hard to pull off. It must be difficult to play their scenes because the conversations go on forever and don’t seem to serve any purpose except to pad the show with frankly unneeded dialogue about hearts.   

Infinitely more appealing is The Crime fighter trio, played by Emily Ruth James , Stephanie Wilborn, and Bailey Castle. The characters were well written and amusing. I imagine that if characters like these were a bit more fleshed out the entire thing would have gone more smoothly because it would have gained some emotional integrity.

Doctor X is one of the best things about the show. I’m actually pretty surprised most of Doctor X’s lines could easily be turned into ham. Somehow, Tavakoly made it believable. I had no problem sitting through his monologues, which in the hands of a less capable actor would undoubtedly resembled mini-eternities. The show gets better after intermission.  Overall it was a show of excess, little balance, fun acrobatics and too little sincerity or real feeling.

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  1. Todd says:

    Did you even read the play?