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The Laguna Playhouse announced today, a key leadership transition slated for 2016. Karen Wood, executive director will be leaving the Playhouse completing her 8th season at the 95 year old landmark institution.   As Executive Director, Ms. Wood has been instrumental in the programming and business model re-designs that successfully propelled the Playhouse through the challenging years of the deep financial recession.  

Commenting on Ms. Wood’s accomplishments, Co-Chairs Joe Hanauer and Paul Singarella, said, “This is a


Karen Wood photo courtesy : Laguna Playhouse

positive moment of accomplishment for Karen and one of excitement for Laguna Playhouse as it is well positioned to look to change, growth and new opportunities on multiple levels. The board of trustees and professional staff continue to be deeply committed to serving the community with ever increasing passion and creativity, and building on the 95-year legacy of Laguna Playhouse.   Karen served the community and Laguna Playhouse very well and we will continue to build on her accomplishments.”

The 2014-2015 season was indeed a very good year, with 325 performances enjoyed by over 80,000 people. The audience numbers were a record number of people in attendance, and the positive financial results reflect this strong audience interest.
“Having navigated through these challenging times and with this new forward momentum I feel it’s an appropriate moment for me to move on to other creative opportunities that are on my personal horizon,” said Karen Wood.  “I am so proud of our team and our Board leadership, and have treasured Ann Wareham’s artistic partnership, and Andy Barnicle’s before that. I will always hold Laguna Playhouse and this special community near to my heart and be there for the Playhouse in any way I may be of service in a successful transition for new leadership,” added Karen Wood.  
From this strong platform, the Board of Directors and key leadership of Laguna Playhouse look forward to serving the evolving interests of audiences and patrons in the years ahead. The search for new leadership will be conducted by Arts Consultants Group, with the desire to bring on the new leadership in the first half of 2016. Taken directly from the Press Release. 

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