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USER Ratings: 

At the bottom of each review on OCR there is a review sheet underneath the critic’s score. By filling out the sheet you will be able to give your opinion while also adding your USER Score to the site. With your contribution using the USER & Critic score I believe we can get a more accurate score and critique for each show.

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What will not happen : 

Submitting a USER Review does not Subscribe you to the website–you will not receive emails unless you want them. To receive emails you can subscribe on the front page of the website in the Email Subscription area.


OCR Magazine:

OCR Magazine is on schedule, at the start of December we are still accepting Pre-registration. If interested in a print copy magazine ($15) email with your name and number of copies. Copies are limited so please register asap if you want one.  



It’s easy to subscribe. Just go to the right side of the front page and under subscription add your email.

Perks with a true subscription to OCR:

1. Direct updates directly to your email.

2. Automatic access to our frequent contests. Our last prize was a free ticket to an Evening with Garrison Keller @ Segerstrom Center!

3. Priority print magazine recipient.

4. Will receive all video media early. Including OCR Talk & Exclusive interviews.

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