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Serial Killers is a late night performance that pits five 10-minute plays against one another.  Each group performs their 10-minute, and at the end of the evening the audience votes for three stories to be continued.  Those three groups return the following week to be joined by two new groups, and perform the next 10-minutes of the story they started the week before.  As long as a group is voted back, they continue the story that they started with their first performance.


Unless otherwise specified, each submission of a 10-minute is assumed to have a complete group of author, director, and actors.


“Chance is committed to promoting local artists and their original work. Serial Killers is a chance for us as a community of artists to come together and celebrate our different ideas and concepts of what theatre can be in a fun and exciting venue.”

2015 schedule is as follows:

• 04/24/15 – Cycle 1, Battle 1

• 05/01/15 – Cycle 1, Battle 2

• 05/08/15 – Cycle 1, Battle 3


• 07/24/15 – Cycle 2, Battle 1

• 07/31/15 – Cycle 2, Battle 2

• 08/07/15 – Cycle 2, Battle 3


• 10/09/15 – Cycle 3, Battle 1

• 10/16/15 – Cycle 3, Battle 2

• 10/23/15 – Cycle 3, Battle 3

• 12/11/15 Playoffs

• 12/18/15 Finale


First performance is April 24th so get your material in soon if you want to compete.

Submit your ten minute scripts to :

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