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Photo Courtesy : Westminster Community Theatre

Written by Daniella Litvak 

Walking into Westminster Community Theater, I saw the empty stage. The floor looked like piano keys and the backdrop resembled sheet music. If I hadn’t read the synopsis beforehand, one glance at that stage would have been enough to make it very clear I was seeing a musical. That symbolizes the major flaw of I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, the show only reaches for the obvious.

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change is a musical romantic comedy. Instead of containing an overarching storyline, the show is a series of vignettes about love and relationships that begins with each Guy and Gal preparing for a first date and ends with finding “second love” at a funeral. Along the way we are treated to scenes such as Gal waiting for a Guy to call, a bridesmaid complaining about her ugly bridesmaid dress and a married couple granted a night of lovemaking.

Is this charming? Yes. Is this fun? Yes. Is this the show that brilliantly provides new insights into romance? No. The vignette format compounds the issue. Since the characters change from scene to scene, there really is no time for any of the characters to develop beyond the stereotype. On the other hand, maybe reaching for the low hanging fruit is the appeal of the show. The situations are so familiar and relatable, it kind of gives it a “choose your own adventure book” vibe.

The real strength of the show is the cast. They’re a six-person crew given the Herculean task of having to perform multiple roles (and go through numerous costume changes), and they magnificently rise up to the challenge. From the get go, they’re energetic and put a lot of physicality into the roles when they could have gone the easy route and been statues the entire time. Each character each actor plays is distinct. I believe the actors when they’re playing strangers on their first date, and I believe them when they’re playing a couple married for thirty years. The chemistry among the entire cast is fantastic, and I like how each actor shares a moment with every other actor. The actors’ ability to belt out the songs really made the musical numbers more memorable than they would be otherwise.

It’s really the small details that bring out the best in this show. Moments where a husband dances in Marvel Superhero boxers or the way new parents try to figure out if a teddy bear is baby proof. The offhand remark “I’m supposed to be Batman. Batman isn’t married” the panicky groom made during the wedding vignette might be my favorite line of the night.

If you go to the theater looking for a mind-blowing transcendental experience –this isn’t the show you want to see. If you want something that reminds you how to smile, this show can do that for you.


Runs from February 6-21, 2015 


7272 Maple Street, P.O. Box 764, Westminster, California,92683

Call for showtimes @  714-893-8626 

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