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The Miracle Worker @ The Attic Theater in Santa Ana – Review

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

There is something drippy and self-important about naming a piece”The Miracle Worker”.  Along with words like “angel” and “blessed”, “miracle” manages to sound as though it’s trying to make you tear up before the plot’s been introduced. Based on the true-life experiences of famed deaf and blind author Helen Keller and her teacher/lifelong friend Anne Sullivan, this is the sort of passion-driven story that if done right will have your attention from beginning to end. The Attic Community Theater’s production had me blinking, but not for very long. 


photo courtesy: Jennifer Owens

I describe Helen Keller above as an author, but in truth she is more–her descriptions range from political and social activist, to lecturer, to the first deaf & blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree.   She revolutionized the way American people treated others with disabilities.  But “The Miracle Worker” is not a play about her triumphs in the public eye–it is the story of what could be described as her most vulnerable stage, and the singular person who comes to aid her in her plight.  In the play we get to watch the isolating effect Helen’s physical limitations have on her and her entire family.  In desperation the family reaches out to a doctor who recommends the young and visually impaired but still tough Annie Sullivan. With sheer willpower she battles to break through the wall that has been set firmly around her young charge.   Continue Reading

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