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Moon Over Buffalo @ Attic Theatre in Santa Ana – Review

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

moon over buffalo

Nicole Gerardi (Eileen) Courtesy: Attic Theatre Floyd Harden

Don’t let the fanciful  title fool you, Moon Over Buffalo is not a tragic and love-ridden romance piece.  It’s actually a comedic narrative which focuses mainly on former stars George and Charlotte Hay.  George and Charlotte are a flamboyant couple working as the stars in their touring company currently stationed in Buffalo, New York.  In the midst of a huge argument their daughter Rosalind  arrives at the theatre to introduce them to her new fiancé, while at the same time the famous film director Frank Capra calls to announce his plans to view one of their shows. The jokes and ultimately the plot of the play centered on the bickering and confusion brought on by these events. Continue Reading

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