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Low Flying Dragons – The Dragon Play @ The Chance Theatre in Anaheim – Review

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

There is so much fascination centered around dragons.  These magical creatures appear in different forms in legends from all over the world and continue to be featured in stories to this day.  In the Chance Theatre’s production of The Dragon Play, some seemingly average folks’ encounters with real life dragons give new meaning to the ideas of love and freedom.

In modern day Minnesota a Woman and Man are living in a house with their son. They are experiencing some marital tension, which the sudden arrival of an old friend of the Woman’s (who incidentally is a Dragon) exacerbates.  In Central Texas, a Loser Boy (I did not name these characters) meets a stranded Dragon Girl, and their friendship is tested to the limits when one of them is forced to leave the other.

The scenic/costume designer, Sara Ryung Clement created a beautiful set.  With an icy blue and white setting, the cold atmosphere placed before us is simple yet easily attributed to so many things: the high altitude dragons experience, the chilly environment the irritable couples create, and of course, the barren land known as Minnesota during winter.  I don’t think the stage’s appearance could be more any appropriate. As for the costumes, tight leather clothing and studded motorcycle vests allow both the Dragon Girl and the Dragon to retain their sex appeal while being believable as a separate species.

The performances are solid throughout.  Despite his possible status as the “least exciting” member of the bunch, special mention goes to John J. Piston.  As the Man he makes two of the best speeches in the entire show. While Piston insists that the monologues are “well written,” in the hands of a different performer they could easily be overblown.  During these moments Piston uses just the right touch of anger and humor.  Another standout performer is Elena Murray who plays Dragon Girl.  She is all scales and grace from beginning to end, which is very pleasing to watch.

The Dragon Play‘s storyline is something of a mystery, but it does not present itself as such, nor does it bother to disguise itself.  It simply spends a lot of time tossing out some interesting ideas.  The idea behind the plot is to provide an experience that blends both everyday life and mysticism.  The play delivers on the everyday but never truly takes us anywhere magical. 





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2015 Show Preview @ The Chance Theatre in Anaheim: Orange Curtain Podcast #4

Shows & Dates (directly from the press release) :
World premiere of Loch Ness – The Musical
January 30 – February 28, 2015


A scientist’s young daughter discovers herself – and a small, magical, and very reptilian creature – on the waters of the Scottish Highlands.


Southern California Premiere
After The Revolution
April 10 – May 10, 2015


One Idealistic woman’s beliefs into chaos when her inspiration is rocked by a family revelation.


West Coast Premiere
April 30 – May 31, 2015


Katie & Craig are desperate to have a baby. When and indian surrogate becomes their only viable option, their lives unfold in a whirlwind of imagination and irresistibly.


Hair Spray
July 10 – August 9, 2015


Full-figured Tracy Tunrblad only wants to dance- and dance she does, through her downtrodden neighborhood, through the harsh word of her schoolmates, and through the racial barriers dividing 1960’s Baltimore.


West Coast Premiere
The Dragon Play
July 23- Augusts 23, 2015


One Dragon, her need for freedom, her desire for human love, and the men who get trapped in between.


A Bright New Boise
September 25-October 25


A mans attempt to reunite with family he never knew. Little does the man suspect that this experience will test the man’s endurance, his love,and, most potently, his faith.


Anne of Green Gables
November 27 – December 27,2015


Classic story of a young orphan girl who works her way into the hearts of her adoptive parents.


The Eight : Reindeer Monologues

December 8 – 23, 2015


This show contains Foul mouth reindeer and very inappropriate Humor. For Adults.


Alice in Wonderland
Feb 26-March 8, 2015


Alice falls down a rabbit hole to a world in which she encounters strange creatures and even stranger poetry.


Fancy Nancy – The Musical
May 29 – June 7, 2015


Fancy Nancy and her friends Bree, Rhonda, Wanda, and Lionel are going to be performing in their very first show. Can Nancy bring fancy flair to her role, even though it isn’t the one she wanted. Perfect for kids.


World Premiere
The Legends of Sleepy Hollow
October 8-18,2015


The theatrical adaption of the timeless tale of Ichabod Crane.



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