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The Full Monty @ 3D Theatricals in Fullerton – Review

Written by Patrick Chavis 

Warning: this article will contain discussion of graphic material. The image of oiled up, rippling, manly muscles grinding, thrusting, working extremely hard to please hard-working women, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done is an image more commonly seen near Hollywood Blvd and all over the Vegas strip. There are plenty of strip clubs for men in the O.C., but you can count the strip clubs catering to women audiences in the OC on your hand, so viewing the aforementioned description on Chapman near Downtown Fullerton is sort of shock.  Admittedly it’s the only shock that comes from this production.  TJ Dawson directs 3D Theatricals’ Full Monty –taking a brave chance on material about the perils of unemployment and the damage that ensues when society forces men to live up to unrealistic ideals of beauty.  The show’s mood is funny at parts and deadly serious at others, but in the process of going for both you feel left out of these men’s lives. Unemployment is not that funny, and stripping is not that racy anymore, so when I broke it down, by the end of the show, I just felt disconnected. Continue Reading

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