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Who is Roger Miller? : King of the Road The Roger Miller Story @ The Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach – Review

(Photo by Ed Krieger)

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

I recently went over to the Laguna Playhouse and saw King of the Road, the Roger Miller Story.  Last week if someone asked me to tell them about Roger Miller, I might have responded he has a familiar name, and that would have been it.  Since then I have been educated and can inform you that Roger Miller was a famous songwriter, musician, and actor.  Although I can now spout a few soundbites about the man, I have not been transformed into a passionate fan nor have I been passionately enlightened.  King of the Road  tries to tell us Roger Miller’s story but its more successful at bombarding us with trivia instead of telling us (what should be) a rich and fulfilling story.  Consider me educated –not moved. Continue Reading

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