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Rent @ Theatre Out in Santa Ana – Review

Written by Daniella Litvak 

Full disclosure: I love Rent.  I’ve seen this updated modern version of La Bohéme  about seven friends (or eight depending on how you feel about Benny) who struggle with AIDS, poverty, and love in NYC’s Alphabet City, more times then I can even remember.  I’ve listened to the original cast recording countless times and I’m still very angry about the movie version’s needless adaptational changes.

After watching this show so many times, I now have particular versions of how characters should sound or how certain numbers should be performed stuck in my head.  It took a little while to get acclimated to Theatre Out’s version of it.  Yet soon, I found myself liking this cast’s delivery on certain lines and their various reactions to the craziness happening onstage.


Flynn Hayward, Joey Nestra photo courtesy of Stephen Rack

The song “Over The Moon” couldn’t get any hammier, Erin Ortegon (Maureen) proved me wrong.  Ortegon’s performance was glorious in a wonderful way. I have to say, though not all the musical numbers were great, the choreography did salvaged some of them.  My favorites were the songs featuring the entire cast singing: “Will I,” “La Vie Boheme,” and “Finale.” Continue Reading

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