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Maple and Vine @ STAGEStheatre In Fullerton- Review

Written by Patrick Chavis 

There’s science fiction –stories set in the future depicting what humans might do or where they might someday go. Then we also have historical narratives, which explore what happened in humanity’s past. In Maple and Vine we sort of have a combination of both genres.  The characters are frustrated with modern living and explore the possibilities of living a simpler 1950s-like lifestyle in a private community.   Continue Reading

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Life Under A Microscope : Photograph 51 @ South Coast Repertory – Review

(Photo by Jordan Kubat/SCR)

Written by Patrick Chavis 

Photograph 51, a production currently at the South Coast Repertory, approaches the autobiographical drama in a new and innovative way.  While the audience puts Rosalind Franklin’s life under a microscope, Franklin uses a lens as well in her — groundbreaking — work of discovering the structure of DNA in this sophisticated meta-narrative. Continue Reading

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Blues in the Night @ Laguna Playhouse – Review

(PHOTO CREDIT:  Ed Krieger)

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

Make of this what you will, but to me, the “blues” was only something that plays in the background while at restaurants (quietly of course so as not to distract from the table chatter).  I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed at the prospect of spending an evening attending a show called Blues In The Night.  Yet once the show began, my biases were proven completely unfounded. Almost against my will, I was lured into the music and into the lives of the characters onstage.  Though I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as ‘riveting’ all the way through, Blues In The Night varies in range, tempo, and soul.  It is one of the most pleasant surprises I have had in a while. Continue Reading

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Old Acquaintances @ Westminster Community Playhouse March 8 – March 25

A delightfully witty play about two childhood best friends who are now dealing with success and love on their own terms. Both well-known authors; one a critical darling and the other a prolific bestseller. No nonsense gal Katharine “Kit” Markham, is currently working on her latest novel and carrying on a steamy love affair with a younger man. While the other; a meddling divorcee, Mildred Drake is refusing to loosen her overbearing claws on her free-spirited daughter Deirdre and struggles with a deep hidden jealously of Kit.

Once a 1943 film by the same name with stars Bette Davis, Miriam Hopkins and Gig Young; WCP brings you another Hollywood Classic that tackles the boundaries of friendship and true meaning behind the word “frenemy”.

Spotlighting the talents of:

Kimberly Wooldridge, Maria O’Connor, Grace O’Neill, Jeremy Krasovic, Rick Werblin, Laurie Robbins, Tamra Talbert

March 8 – March 25




Address: 7272 Maple St, Westminster, CA 92683
Phone: (714) 893-8626

(Paid by Brandon Ferruccio) 

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Rockin’ Lizzie Borden : Lizzie The Musical @ Chance Theater – Review

Written by Patrick Chavis 

(All photos by Doug Catiller, True Image Studio)

“Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks.
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her father forty-one.”  -anonymous

I had heard of Lizzie Borden before this production, and I had previously heard the folk rhyme that I posted on the top of this article.  However, that was the extent of my Lizzie Borden knowledge.  While I can definitely say I know a little bit more now after watching the show, I wouldn’t say Lizzie the Musical is the place to satisfy your itch for accurate history.  What I would say is this: unlike Rent, which was a rock musical with lots of theatricality and some rock thrown in, the Lizzie production at the Chance Theater felt like a rock concert with a small dose of theatricality thrown in — but most importantly — it does ROCK!!!

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King Kong @ The Maverick Theatre in Fullerton – Review

Written by Alina Mae wilson 

I’ve not seen the old movies, the new movies, nary a graphic novel nor a review about the famed beast have I laid eyes upon–until now.  Ladies and gentlemen, I have been to the Maverick Theater in Fullerton, where I have feasted my eyes on The Eighth Wonder of the World King Kong! And I am so glad I did, it was actually a lot of fun. Continue Reading

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