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God of Carnage @ Modjeska Playhouse in Lake Forest – Review

Written by Daniella Litvak 

Have you ever watched an episode of television where the hero is trapped in a room with another character?  Most of the time the other character is someone the hero despises, or the trapped characters have unresolved romantic feelings for each other.  It could even be both.  Once trapped, secrets get revealed.  Feelings get shared.  However, at the end of the ordeal, the issues are resolved, and the characters have a newfound appreciation for themselves and for each other.  Yasmina Reza’s Tony Award winning play God of Carnage completely deconstructs this scenario.    

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photos courtesy Modjeska Playhouse (l to r) Keith Bush, Laura Flores, Cassidy McMillan, Wade Williamson

The cast consists of four characters –two pairs of husbands and wives.  Cassidy McMillan and Wade Williamson play Veronica and Michael Novak.  Veronica is a social activist who considers herself a “citizen of the world.”  Michael runs a hardware company and appears supportive of his wife’s ideals.  Keith Bush and Laura Flores bring Alan and Annette Raleigh to life.  Alan is an amoral attorney while Annette is increasingly frustrated with his unbreakable attachment to his cell phone and apathy towards everything else.  Together, the two couples meet in the Novak living room to discuss what they should do about the Raleigh’s son hitting the Novak’s son.  The conversation quickly steers away from the children and towards topics that shed light on everyone’s darker nature. Continue Reading

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