Orange County Theatre Reviews

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

The New Swan Theatre is an Elizabethan-style theatre.  Transportable and roofless, this theatre provides a sense of an authentic Shakespearean time as it hosts two of Shakespeare’s classics this summer.


Macbeth–Known by many as the Bard’s most ominous play, Macbeth is the tale of a Scottish nobleman who is spurred to obtain the throne through malice and treachery.  This gruesome tragedy is a warning to all who would seek power for power’s sake.  July 22nd – August 29th


Photo Courtesy : Paul Kennedy

Much Ado About Nothing–Here we have a comedy rife with witty banter and classic misunderstandings. There are multiple players to keep track of here, from the verbal sparring partners who eventually come to love each other by “noting” (which in Shakespeare’s time sounded like “nothing”) to the villain who leads a good hearted soul into leaving his bride-to-be with deceit.  Add in some bumbling police officials, and you have Much Ado About Nothing.   July 23rd – August 30th



Photo Courtesy : Paul Kennedy

Location: University of California, Irvine | Claire Trevor School of the Arts | Department of Drama 249 Drama, Irvine, CA 92697-2775


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