Orange County Theatre Reviews

Written by Patrick Chavis 

Performers and theatre goers alike need some grub after a show, but usually everything is closed! This Top 5 list is a compilation of the places that stay open and are not Denny’s.

Honda Ya in Tustin

  1. Nestled near the middle of Old Town Tustin sits Honda Ya –arguably the best Japanese restaurant Tustin has to offer. It also stays open until 1 pm. If you’re in the area you can either leave 

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    or get comfortable on a tatami mat(or bar if that’s your pleasure) and stuff your face with delicious Yakitori, Ramen, Sushi and a myriad of other authentic delicacies you can’t find just anywhere.

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The Night Owl in DownTown Fullerton

2. Now, The Night Owl is a coffeeshop instead of a restaurant, but they still have some delightful goodies to partake of in addition to their quality coffee. The place stays open until 2 am or later if you follow what it says on the website.  Walkers of the night take heed –this might be the only place still open in the entire county. The Night Owl also features various artistic events and habitually promotes local artists. They even have a late night night movie showing, so if you can’t sleep head on over!

Haven Gastro Pub in Orange

Trendy desserts are paired with beers at Haven Gastropub in Orange. ///ADDITIONAL INFO: H. LORREN AU JR., THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER. - 10/4/10 - beerdessert.1014 -

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3. Haven serves quality food, but, pricey as it is, you may not want to be there every day. However, the food is quite good, and if you’re looking to treat yourself after a killer show -or for somewhere to drown your sorrows after a bad one -Haven has an excellent beer selection to help you through all occasions (drink responsibly please).


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Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in Anaheim

4.  As far as chains go, Roscoe’s is pretty consistent. Although there are better ones than the Anaheim location, it’s still Roscoes -bad for your health but good for your soul. It stays open until 11 pm and 1am on Fridays & Saturday. It’s probably one of the closest things to “decent” semi-Soul Food you’ll find in an Orange County restaurant. You might as well indulge.

Korean Restaurant – (“Almost” all of them) Flag_of_South_Korea.svg

5. Not only are there a lot of Korean Restaurants in Orange County, but a good majority of them stay open past 12. For the most part they serve really, really good food at an affordable price. Whether you’re craving some sort of Hot Tofu Soup or BBQ Kalbi short rib, there will be something there you will love to eat.  


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