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Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

“With no park in his neighborhood, young Andrés plays in the street. One day, he chases a stray ball into tragedy. Two families and a community must confront the aftermath and take action to make a change.”

Already I’m feeling downbeat. I can’t help it. Someone getting injured in traffic is one of the most horrific and commonplace occurrences in American culture, made significantly worse when that person is an innocent child. Because the premise is so depressing, I am going into this with fairly high expectations. Suppose we start on such a low note. In that case, I want to feel some spiritual transformation, some nearly tangible display of love and happiness being at least possible after a catastrophic event, mainly because it is recommended for children as young as six.

I am also looking for a lot of well-portrayed emotion since they seem to be marketing this as a bilingual production. No complaints here since this is a chance for people in Orange County to glimpse into a society they may not always be thinking about. I am very in favor of anything that gets more Hispanic people involved in musical theatre. It will be wonderful if they can introduce people to differing perceptions and lifestyles, but not if people who aren’t fluent in Spanish struggle to understand what is happening. And, of course, people who are only fluent in Spanish must also understand everything. Here’s to them overcoming these challenges.

Location & Dates: City of Santa Ana Civic Center Plaza September 18th,2014-September 28,201

Admission: Free

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