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Audition Date January 16  10 AM – 1 PM

Show Run :  March 12th – April 2nd

No performances on Easter
Saturdays and Sundays at 5pm

Written by David Macaray
Directed by Phil Brickey

An older sister and her husband summon her younger sister and her husband to their modest, Southern California home in order to, in her own words, “make a momentous announcement.” While this news turns out to be one of the most wildly thrilling and potentially life-altering announcements a person can make, it also has the unintended consequence of dredging up memories and relationships that were best left buried in the past.

Casting for the following roles:

MONA HASTER: (25-35 to play 31 years old), a college graduate, the mother of two children, and married to a gentle, caring man. Mona’s strengths are her fierce intelligence and sharp wit. Alas, her weaknesses happen to be those same two traits—when they are used carelessly or to excess—coupled with resorting to shockingly crude profanity in her everyday speech.

BARTON HASTER: Mona’s husband. A likeable, considerate college grad with a master’s degree in computers, roughly 35-40 years old. Very much a proponent of a “live and let live” philosophy, he’s the perfect complement to the volatile Mona. But in no way should the steady and reserved Barton be considered “dull.” A proper adjective would be “gentlemanly” or “classy.”

MIRANDA SHOFNER: (30-40 to play 34 years old) Mona’s older sister. She is 34 years of age, older by three years, and childless. Polite, earnest, and reliable, Miranda is not only needlessly self-conscious about not having attended college, she feels a bit “stunted” and overshadowed when in the presence of her incandescent baby sister. Like so many older siblings, Miranda feels that having to look after young Mona deprived her of a “carefree” childhood.

HERMAN SHOFNER: Miranda’s husband, roughly 35-40 years old. A wonderful man and supremely attentive husband, Herman would be the poster boy for wholesomeness and common decency. He’s an inveterate and lifelong sports fan. Until he abruptly quit his job, he made his living as a data entry person. No one could have a more thoughtful or loyal friend than Herman Shofner.

There will be cold readings from the script. Please bring photo, calendar, and resume, if possible. Sides and the entire script are posted on STAGES’ audition page. Actors auditioning are encouraged to read the entire script.

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