Orange County Theatre Reviews

Misery @ Maverick Theatre in Fullerton – Review

photo credit: Jessica Peralta

Written by Patrick Chavis

Stephen King is one of today’s most prolific and successful horror writers. His influence on pop culture, film, television, and even theatre, is undeniable regardless of whether you enjoy his work. Despite a vast catalog of work, Misery stands out as a high watermark in suspense and drama. Misery is not a play you can take lightly. It’s incredibly challenging material, especially as related to the lead role of Annie Wilkes (Alli Maier). There are echoes of greatness in this production, but it ultimately settles for good with a performance that lacks the intensity this character sorely needs. Continue Reading

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Ju1ce One Act Plays by OC Playwrights @ Wayward Artist – Review

Photography: Francis Gacad!

Written by Patrick Chavis

JU1CE, for one weekend only, is a theatrical event where eight — yes eight — unique plays are presented by different Orange County, California playwrights. Orange County isn’t the only connection. The event has a theme, and the theme is communication in the past, present, and future. While these are eight independent stories, it’s bundled as one night of theater. So, I will score each play individually and take the overall average of the night.

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How can you support small indie Orange County theater in 2023?

(photo credit: Matthew M. Hayashi and Gennie Kauper)

In the region of Orange County, there are multiple places to catch theatrical production in the area.  While the number of theaters pails in comparison to our next-door neighbor Los Angeles, some smaller theater companies are working hard to expand access to future playwrights and artists in the area supporting new works.  Here’s a list of smaller theaters and companies supporting new works in the community and how you can support them.       Continue Reading

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This elevated evening of theatre represents some of Orange County’s finest playwrights. After a selection process, eight finalists were selected to participate. These delightful 10-minute plays explore the complexities of communication past, present, and future. In collaboration with OCPA, The Wayward Artist and its resident artists have created a wonderfully cohesive and theatrical evening of storytelling. You don’t want to miss this incredible showcase of new work. Taken from the website.

Jan 27 -29,2023

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Unnamed Theatre Company Fundraising for 2023 Season

Unnamed Theatre Company exists to enrich our community and the artists we work with by producing deeply human plays for the Everyman. Help us start our 2023 season with funding to compensate our artists, secure performance venues, and cover production costs. Unnamed Theatre is funded entirely by the generosity of our patrons and the dedication of our artists. Your donation is deeply appreciated and directly benefits our artistic community! Taken from the Go Fund me page. 

Click here to support their 2023 season.

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