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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare @ Costa Mesa Playhouse in Costa Mesa – Review

Written by Patrick Chavis

Sammie Moore,Hayley Jackson,Ana Funjimoto

What would typically be backstage is in the front of the stage in this production.  The costume rack is set upright in the center of the stage. Red curtains that would typically be in the front are in the back of the stage. Looking at the reversed set, you know this play will be told in a unique way.  This show is a gag that goes on for about 90 minutes. The gag is the original performers can’t perform, so the audience is going to watch the stage crew perform the show. Hayley Jackson, the dramaturg, Ana Fujimoto, the lighting assistant, and Sammie Moore, the costume assistant, haphazardly go through condensed versions of Shakespearian classics with minimal regard for accuracy. Continue Reading

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These Tiger’s Got Claws! : Tiger Style! @ South Coast Repertory – Review

(Photo by ​​Jenny Graham/SCR)

Written by Patrick Chavis

A Tiger parent is a form of strict child-rearing with an intense focus on academic success. It’s typically associated with Chinese culture. Amy Chua created the term Tiger mother in her famous book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.

Tiger Style, an Asian American comedy about two overachieving siblings, is now playing at South Coast Repertory from May 15 – June 5, 2022. Continue Reading

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Unnamed Theatre Company presents: Blink @ Load Bearing Studios in Santa Ana – Review

Sophie (Stacey Manos)

Written by Daniella Litvak

“Anything goes but don’t blink, you might miss”[1]

Load Bearing Studios is a full service photo and video production rental studio located in an industrial complex in the heart of Santa Ana.  In other words, it is not a traditional venue for a stage show.  However, the venue’s atypical features are precisely why it’s the right place for the Unnamed Theatre Company to stage their production of Phil Porter’s Blink. Continue Reading

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