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The Vandal @ The Chance Theater – Review

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Two strangers are waiting for the bus on a cold road at night… next to a cemetery. The bus is late. The woman’s coat is too thin. And this fast-talking teenager waiting at the same bus stop won’t leave her alone. He works hard to get her to talk to him, using everything from philosophical riffs to brash seduction. Just around the corner is a liquor store, whose owner is waiting for a special delivery. All three people have no idea what this fateful night holds in store… and that it may provide the answers they’ve all been looking for.  Taken from the website.

September 22 – October 22, 2019

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American Mariachi @ South Coast Repertory – Review

(Photo by Jordan Kubat/SCR)

Written by Patrick Chavis 

I can’t say I know much about Mariachi music. I couldn’t name you a popular performer off the top of my head if I tried. Still, I’ve grown up in California my entire life and have been exposed to allot of Mexican culture. If you haven’t seen a Mariachi group by chance when walking into a Mexican restaurant, chances are you heard Mariachi on the occasions you accidently click the car radio to a Mexican station — hearing those strong trumpets on your speakers is usually the indicator.   From what I picked up from this play American Mariachi.  Mariachi is all about emotion, tradition and the friendships among musicians playing together to produce a harmony that is authentically Mariachi. Continue Reading

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RUBE! @ Curtis Theatre in Brea – Review

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

In the early 1900s, George Edward “Rube” Waddell dominated Major League Baseball in strikeouts, which should be just enough to get your attention.  What should keep your attention is how the man spends his free time: wrestling alligators, starring on Broadway, and pulling off actual acts of heroism to save human lives.  But who is Rube Waddell?  What’s his “deal?”  One American sportswriter decides it’s time someone found out and sets his sights on making sense of the unfathomable behemoth who dominated MLB while pitching for six consecutive years.  We are subsequently treated to a series of retellings of the mythical exploits of one talented and fantastically chaotic Rube Waddell in the hopes of finally understanding him as a person. Continue Reading

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