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Counter-Balance Theatre Presents: Longitude @ UCI – Review

Longitude’s show run is over. It had a very short run, but it will remount at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. I will keep you updated on the continuing showtimes. 

Written by Patrick Chavis 

No props, no sets, just people and a projector were used to tell the story of a rarely talked about 17th-century inventor and clockmaker, John Harrison. Longitude is a physical theatre production, which means the sets and everything else was made with the human body. The use of the human body in this production is quite creative and establishes the point of feeling for many of the scenes. Watching Longitude is a truly educational experience that requires focus and intellectual curiosity. It might leave many turned off when exposed to a wider audience because it tended to focus less on John Harrison, the person, and more on his accomplishments and tenacity to make clocks. Since it’s hard to feel for Harrison, you wind up experiencing an hour-long introduction to the inventor in one of the most fascinating and unique ways possible. Continue Reading

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