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Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

Segerstrom Center - Dixie Longate in Dixie's Tupperware Party - Photo by Bradford Rogne
Segerstrom Center – Dixie Longate in Dixie’s Tupperware Party – Photo by Bradford Rogne

 Before the show even started, Dixie was moving around in the house, mingling with the audience members, taking photographs and joking.  Once the show got rolling, she showered the audience with a large number of coarse jokes.  Her deep Southern drawl and constant references to her everyday life (both growing up and modern day) lent themselves to the idea that her humor was not specifically geared towards me but more towards women nearing, experiencing or past middle age.  She brought various audience members up onstage and made jokes about sex, marriage, sex after marriage or lack thereof and more sex.  The audience composed of married-or-were-once-married-women, cracked up.  But after awhile I found most of the jokes dull and predictable.

One of the more enjoyable portions of the night was learning about Brownie Wise, the pioneering American saleswoman that helped develop and popularized the Tupperware system. Brownie was an innovator in business during that not so long time ago when women weren’t expected to leave the home. She was the first women ever to appear on the cover of Businessweek Magazine.  I had never heard of her before, but Dixie’s enthusiasm and admiration for the woman, who would not let sexism and negativity wear her down, was infectious.  Listening to accounts of Dixie’s own success was nothing short of inspirational.

Side note:  Without the constant sexual jokes, it might have been an even better time. 


Dixie has out lived her run in the OC but you can follow this show on their website at the link below :

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