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Christmas Carol @ Musical Theatre Village in Irvine – Review


Courtesy : Musical Theatre Village

Written by Patrick Chavis

Christmas time is over but that doesn’t stop the influx of Christmas plays, especially that Classic Charles Dickson play, A Christmas Carol (we reviewed three this year but couldn’t make them all). I’ve seen the movies, watched the plays, seen the Christmas straight to TV versions. There is definitely no shortage of creative versions here. Musical Theatre Villages version, entitled ‘Scrooge’ is a welcome addition to the every-growing lexicon of Christmas Carol adaptions with catchy music, exceptional performances by a few and a fun-filled laid back spirit that makes this a perfect show for the entire family. Continue Reading

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Top 5 Best Theatre Shows in Orange County 2014!

Graham Hamilton and Jaimi Paige in South Coast Repertory's 2014

Graham Hamilton and Jaimi Paige in South Coast Repertory’s 2014

 1# Venus & Fur –  South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa

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OC Theatre : A Tale of Loss & Success – Behind the Orange Curtain with Scott Keister #2

IMG_1025_100dpi 2Written by Scott Keister 

Like many of us in the OC, local theaters are often forced to seek out new nests for any number of reasons. Sometimes they sadly become homeless and fall away into the abyss, and sometimes they move on to bigger and brighter homes. Continue Reading

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A Christmas Carol @ South Coast Repetory in Costa Mesa – Review

The cast of South Coast Repertory's 2013 production of A CHRISTM

photo courtesy : South Coast Repertory

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

What exactly is it that makes  a story and show stand the test of time? The obvious challenge in answering this question stems from the fact that each show is different and therefore entertains it’s audience in a different way.  In the case of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol the more arguable answer is the continued relevancy of the main character’s journey.  South Coast Repertory’s newest presentation of this iconic tale lives up to theatre goers’ expectations in most ways, bringing the play to you with both visual beauty and convincing acting. Continue Reading

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She Loves Me @ The Chance Theater in Anaheim – Review

All photos by Doug Catiller, True Image Studio

All photos by Doug Catiller, True Image Studio

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

Welcome to the original “You’ve Got Mail”.  Oddly enough, I had no idea going into this show that that is what it is, but there you have it: You’ve Got Mail as set in Hungary in the 1930s.  And infinitely worthy of so much more recognition than that–this is one of the classier and more enjoyable romantic shows I have seen in years,  however I am fairly certain that this can be attributed more to the peppiness of the songs than to the originality of the script. Continue Reading

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Striking 12 @ The Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach – Review


Photo Courtesy : Laguna Playhouse

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

There are so many different ways to impress an audience when telling a story.  Detailed sets and well made costumes can really get you in the right mood and whisk you away to the fantasy land of the creator’s choice.  Enhancement of the atmosphere is key.  Enhancing the atmosphere without the extravagant trimmings and elaborate details is exceptional.  For such an experience, one should attend Striking 12. Continue Reading

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