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My Son The Waiter : A Jewish Tragedy @ Huntington Beach Library in Huntington Beach – Review

(Courtesy of Playhouse Productions, Inc &  Michael D. Appleton) 

Written by Patrick Chavis 

One of the great things about theatre in comparison to other mediums of expression such as film or television is the egalitarianism of it.  If you have the talent and if you are creative enough to market it properly, the overhead in theatre is significantly less than its counterparts (there are exceptions of course). As I sat down to watch My Son the Waiter, A Jewish Tragedy, a show that is the same guy for an hour and 30 minutes telling me his story with nothing more than a chair and a table, I discovered I was laughing and enjoying myself the entire time. It just goes to show, sometimes all you need is one actor, a solid story, and you can make it work.   Continue Reading

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