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Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

Accomplice is billed as a clever out of the box suspense thriller. Sadly, the sometimes interesting but awkwardly connected plot does nothing to make you care for the characters. It also doesn’t help the story when the actors constantly flub their lines.SONY DSC

The acting in this production was mainly okay.  The glaring exception was the husband, who consistently fumbled his lines. It was opening night, so I expect the show will get better, but I can’t deny it, the flubs were pretty distracting.

Its pretty simple, the story starts out as a basic English Thriller. There are murderers and an intended target. This is quickly altered in the midst of consistent changes to plot and context throughout the play. 

Accomplice is tedious to say the least. I’m shocked the play received such recognition, it actually won an Edgar award (the Oscars of Crime Lit). I mean it does have its moments and I will say this–audiences will not see the ending coming, but that is probably because the frequent plot changes are so ridiculous and out of nowhere that there is no way to predict the final outcome. I noticed that quite a few people found the sudden change of plot and focus amusing but I just found it annoying and passable.


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