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Written by Patrick Chavis 

Eleanor’s Story is a one-woman, hour-long dramatic play by CSUF graduate Ingrid Garner, the grand-

Photography credit: Richard Maritzer

Photography credit: Richard Maritzer

daughter of Eleanor Ramrath Garner, who authored the award-winning autobiography Ingrid, adapted into this show. It will be playing at the Hollywood Fringe June 14 – 27th. The show is about an American girl and her family’s trials and tribulations while living in World War II Berlin. Ingrid, Eleanor’s “actual” granddaughter, plays her grandmother in this production. The production premiered a year ago at Cal State Fullerton, and it’s been making its rounds through the international theatre circuit ever since – Adelaide Fringe and the Fringe World Festival (both in Australia), to name a few.

For those who are not initiated, the Hollywood Fringe is a month-long independent open Theatre Festival created to provide Theatre lovers and Artists a place to develop and expose their most creative and maybe not-so-mainstream work. It’s set mainly in Hollywood, but it is also in other parts of Los Angeles as well. 

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