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Quills @ Golden West College in Huntington Beach – Review

Photo by Marissa Martin

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

It’s one of those pieces that is both educational as well as intriguing– prior to Friday night I had never heard of the Marquis de Sade, or if I had, his name quickly passed from my memory.  But last week I went to see Quills, a play written by Doug Wright and directed over at Golden West College by Tom Amen.  The story can be considered less based-on-the-life-of and more loosely-inspired-by-the-life-of–and not the least because there are scenes involving visitations from evil spirits or a talking head.  Regardless of technicalities, 18th century France was indeed home to a man called The Marquis de Sade, he was indeed imprisoned for writing stories the Catholic church deemed blasphemous, and he did die inside an insane asylum.  Quills focuses on his time spent inside the Charenton Asylum, and the lengths to which the Marquis will go to make his voice heard.  It’s an interesting storyline with beautiful language, but the actors could have used extra rehearsal time to prepare for the more passionate scenes. Continue Reading

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