Orange County Theatre Reviews

There are over 50 different theatre venues in Orange County, and they all have different methods on how they pick their shows for the season. Each month we will take the time share how one of these theatres make those challenging decisions. This month we’re spotlighting the Costa Mesa Playhouse. 


Costa Mesa Playhouse in Costa Mesa


Costa Mesa Playhouse is already in process of picking their new season right now, so if you’re reading this, you will probably have to wait until next year to apply. The process is simple. You pitch to them a play you would like to direct –original or a well known. Then you send them a sales pitch telling them why they should do it –including concept art for the set, costumes, etc.  If it’s a musical, you need to answer whether you would use tracks or musicians.  Afterwards, they read the scripts and have many discussions.  The whole process usually starts around December. The directors are interviewed between January to March, and decisions are made around May.


Send your work to :

Pay –  $500 flat fee for directors
 HH3 Stephanie Thomas, John Sturgeon, Kay Richey, Robin L. Watkins, Elle Grant, Gabriel Lawrence B&B 3 - Kay Richey, Suzannah Gratz, Wayne MayberryBC2-Lance Smith, Ashley Arlene Nelson. Photo by Gigi Greene

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