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Heart of Heart Theatre Company presents: Another Revolution @ Eastwood Performing Arts Center – March 15 – 23, 2024. – AD

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Another Revolution

March 15 – 23, 2024.

Written by Jacqueline Bircher

Kat and Henry, two graduate students from opposing scientific disciplines, are forced to share a lab at Columbia University in 1968. Amid interpersonal differences, a campus devolving into political chaos, and the uncertainty and turmoil of the outside world, they each discover what it’s like to be thrown into someone else’s orbit.


Emily Vanni // Kat

Cecil Jennings // Henry


Director: Joan Lynch

Produced By: Emily Vanni, Price Garrison, Calvin Picou & Heart of Heart Theatre Company

Stage Manager: Stina Correia

Production Design: William O’Donnell

Marketing, Fundraising & Social Media: Asta Paredes, Nadine Booth, Matthew Namik, Nathalia Coppa, Bridgette Rosenblad, Landon Pompadic, Chris Chapman, Calvin Picou, Price Garrison, Emily Vanni

Sound Mixing: Oliver Boon

Videographer & Editing: Oliver Boon

Photographer: Lucas Markman

Graphic Design: Jess Hryniewicki

This is an AD.

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