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3D Theatricals Responds To A Patron About The Move To Cerritos

Written by Patrick Chavis 

3D Theatricals a production company that has put on Broadway style shows in the Plummer Auditorium the last few years will be moving out of Orange County at the end of the season. The company will move just beyond the Orange County line to the city of Cerritos. Frustrated that they are leaving Fullerton a commenter that I will not name mentioned his dissatisfaction with the move.  Below is 3D Theatricals response :

“There seem to be lots of assumptions on your part here so let me clear them up for you!

Our patrons are the heart of our organization. Any subscriber we have that also subscribes anywhere else says we are way more personal and that it’s clear we care about not only our patrons, but arts everywhere. We promote other organizations, like no other companies do, from the stage every night.

 Photo by: Isaac James Creative — at 3-D Theatricals at Plummer Auditorium.

Photo by: Isaac James Creative — at 3-D Theatricals at Plummer Auditorium.

We are charged nearly 3 times the amount of rent that FCLO (Fullerton Civic Light Opera) was charged. We got zero interest from the city and zero assistance. In fact when we came to the district and told them we had this incredible offer from Cerritos we were told “good luck”. No thank you for stepping in for FCLO or for being the biggest client and reason the building was able to function. No “let’s talk about this and how we can get you to stay”. Nothing.

Aside from the obvious and numerous patron upgrades, there are MANY from a production stand point that will save us thousands and thousands in each show. In addition to that our rent is cheaper. The city is actually supporting us and the council, city manager, etc are ecstatic for our arrival. Due to the rotating mayor in Fullerton no one knows we are here no matter how hard we try. FCLO tried for 39 years and it finally put them out of business.


Photo by: Isaac James Creative

We are putting our patrons first by moving to guarantee our survival. If we were to stay in Fullerton with the lack of support and a city that won’t do anything to repair a building that continues to break down (the seats, for example) with no plan to repair it….we were left with no choice.

As we have said, this is bitter-sweet. We love the OC. We love Fullerton. We love the community. We love the proximity to a vibrant and wonderful downtown area. We love the crew at Plummer. However, in order for us to survive we needed to make this move. Our productions have also pushed Plummer beyond its physical limitations. What we are doing is nothing short of a Broadway show or national tour.

This is the short version and there are many reasons we don’t state here, but this was a decision made over 16 months and not made lightly. We do hope you give Cerritos a try, since it’s so close to Plummer, and if not we hope you continue to support the arts in your community! We ALL need it! Thank you for your support and for enjoying our productions!”


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