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Boeing Boeing @ Westminster Community Playhouse – Review

(Photo by Laura Lejuwaan)

Written by Patrick Chavis

Boeing Boeing is playing now at the Westminster Community Playhouse from Jan 19 – Feb 11, 2024.   


Boeing Boeing has been running in theaters since its debut in the 1960s. Originally a French play written by playwright Marc Camoletti, the play has since been translated into English.   

From Left: Miki Gonzales, Bryan Edelmann, Roxy Payne and Desi Molanari (Photo by Laura Lejuwaan)

The play is a male fantasy that goes wrong, very wrong, very quickly. Bernard (Justin Murphy) is a confident, American womanizer who lives in Paris, and is visited by an old friend, Robert (Bryan Edelmann) from Wisconsin. Supremely proud of himself, Bernard confides in Robert his devious setup with three flight stewardesses from three different countries who believe they are engaged to Bernard. Using a timetable for when they come and go, Bernard is able to maintain all three relationships while staying a bachelor. Can Bernard keep up the charade, or will it come crumbling down? This and more in Boeing Boeing.     

Sometimes, a fantasy isn’t as fantastic as you think. Boeing Boeing and other plays of this variety let us, as the viewers, ask what are the consequences of those actions. However, unlike a fable, the lessons are more comical and light. While we might not act out our fantasies, they can and do manifest in various ways in our lives.  These plays let us examine these fantasies, and we learn a little more about ourselves and others. 


  Westminster’s production of Boeing Boeing had a very straightforward approach to this tale, keeping the focus on the acting and the bizarre situation the characters are thrown into.  There are many laughs to be had in this silly, two act romp.


The acting and physical comedy from Bryan Edelmann shows he is one of the more versatile actors at WCP. His portrayal of Robert showed so many sides of the character and, in fact, elevated the performance in many regards.   

Laura Lejuwaan Bertha provides serious laughs with her attitude and bug-eyed stares.

The trio of actresses really ham it up in a good way. But in some ways, I did want a little more.   

Light on production value but full of spirit, Boeing Boeing might be your ticket.

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