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By the Bog of Cats @ Fullerton College – Review

PC: Emerald Hook Productions

Written by Patrick Chavis

By the Bog of Cats is playing now at Fullerton Community College, October 12 – 14, 2023.


By the Bogs of Cats is an approximately two-hour drama with intermission based loosely on the Greek myth Medea. The story follows Hester Swane (Isabelle Tuff), who recently has been left by her husband Carthage (Christian Pinga). He is getting married again, and this is the scandalous part: Carthage is getting married to Caroline Cassidy ( Shelby Worthington), a much younger woman Hester used to babysit. Not only does he leave her, he leaves her for a younger woman  she knows. That’s cold-blooded. Hester is still fiercely in love with Carthage, and her angry, vengeful tirade propels the drama in this dark, dramatic tale.


Director Candice Martinez-Clasby had a good vision for this production, especially in the second act and in the dramatic moments of this production. If that were all that was required in this dense piece of theater, I would have scored this production higher. The story, the characters, the dramatic conflict, and the themes in this show, combined with this gorgeous atmosphere from Scenic Designer Kevin Clowes, was a recipe for compelling theater I enjoyed.


However, there were acting issues. The problems come from how people respond to each other on stage and the lack of fluidity. We notice these things in live theater and forgive them, but we don’t forget. There are also comedic elements in this that could’ve worked better.

The costume work from Jojo Siu and the makeup design from Joyce Cantrell in this show stood out in the right way. I loved the face design and costume work used on the Catwoman. It is a very creative, exciting design that sets her character apart and lets us know she is different from everyone else. There is something magical about her, and we find out she has visions. Raquel DePorto’s performances match her eccentric, witch-like old appearance. It was extraordinary.

Christian Pinga performs excellently as Carthage with a good balance of firmness and emotion.

Last but not least, the show rests largely on the shoulders of Isabelle Tuff’s performance as Hester Swane, and boy, does she deliver.

This play has a very short run at Fullerton Community College, so if you want to check this show out, this weekend is the time to do it.

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