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Clue A New Comedy @ La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts – Review

PHOTO CREDIT: Jason Niedle

Written by Patrick Chavis

Clue is not just a board game.  For years it has been adapted for theatre and film in various forms. One of the most popular is the 1985 film adaptation directed by Jonathan Lynn, which stars some of the most significant actors of the time: Christopher Lloyd, Tim Curry, etc.  This version of Clue, adapted by Sandy Ruskin, is adapted from the 1985 film.

The fun, silliness, and classic characters are all on full display in this brisk, hyper-aware production being put on at the La Mirada Theatre of the Performing Arts. The only downfall is the choice to rush the various backstories at the end of the play. I mean, that’s one of the best parts of the show.


Heather Ayers, Harrison White, Ted Barton, Jeff Skowron, John Shartzer, Mary Birdsong, and Sarah Hollis star in the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts/McCoy Rigby Entertainment West Coast Premiere production of “CLUE,” written by Sandy Rustin, directed by Casey Hushion and now playing at La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts.

The story of Clue centers around six people, mysteriously invited to an old extravagant-looking mansion, and two of the mansion’s servants: Miss Scarlet played by Sarah Hollis, Mrs. Peacock played by Mary Birdsong, Mrs. White played by Heather Ayers, Colonel Mustard played by Harrison White, Professor Plum played by Ted Barton, Mr. Green played by John Shartzer, Wadsworth the Butler player by Jeff Skowron and Yvette played by Cassie Simone.  None of the people invited know why they are there, but as the story unfolds, secrets comically unfurl.

The set design in this show is spectacular. It steals the show for me. The scenic designer, Lee Savage, does a beautiful job with every backdrop.  The movement from room to room is dynamic and efficient.

Jeff Skowron pulls off a great rendition of Wadsworth. It is not an easy role to fill and Skowron did a fantastic job. Not even my favorite character in the show but John Shartzer, as Mr. Green, is one of the funniest people on the stage with his physical comedy.

While this show has good pacing overall, it’s disappointing that some moments feel rushed.  If you’re a huge fan of the film, you will notice slight changes with the characters but for the most part, it’s a pretty faithful adaption.

Sep 25 – Oct 17,2021


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