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It’s All Greek to Me! : Metamorphoses @ University of California, Irvine – Review

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

The vicious tales of human error have been told in many different ways. Some of the most popular stories are those of Greek mythology, and for a good reason.   The supernatural abilities possessed by the featured individuals, coupled with commentary on the moral viewpoints of the time, have fascinated people of all ages. Some of these stories are retold as vignettes in UC Irvine’s play Metamorphoses.


Metamorphoses is told in various short stories instead of long stories with a linear plot; it should not be surprising that some stories are more interesting than others. For instance, the tale of Cyex and Alcyone is long (in comparison to the other events featured in the play) and deals with sorrow. Still, since a great majority of the plot consists of nothing more than a woman crying for her lost love interest, the audience is not entirely invested. Some other stories are much more intriguing and entertaining, but the lack of connection between the levels cannot be ignored.   Some of them (King Midas) seem to take place in a more contemporary setting, while others (Erysichthon) take place in the past.   When the viewer feels that the same consistent message might be breaking through, such as the transformative nature of death and love, the audience is introduced to Phaeton, who does not seem to have any connection with those ideas and thus breaks the suggestion that there is any true meaning in the plot(s). Suppose there is some message. It would have to be that change is inevitable, but it’s a flimsy connection at best. 

Jade Payton, Blake Morris, Rosie Brownlow, and Joshua Odess-Rubin in Metamorphoses Photos by Paul R. Kennedy

Jade Payton, Blake Morris, Rosie Brownlow, and Joshua Odess-Rubin in Metamorphoses Photos by Paul R. Kennedy


The acting is fine, and the set is very well done. The blue coloring and the glassy lighting give a dreamy Mediterranean feel to the whole experience. While the play isn’t riveting, the acting and the sense of the atmosphere hold the show afloat. 


Date & Location :

Nov. 15 – 23

UCI Claire Trevor Theatre

Irvine, CA 92697

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