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OCR is now on the Buy me a coffee platform

OCR is now using the Buy Me a Coffee platform. This subscription platform supports creative content creators by allowing users to send one-time donations and recurring donations in a tier format. Below are the three subscription tiers we offer:

One-time donations are appreciated, but more consistent support through subscription allows our writers to review more shows.  The payments also help with gas and the time it takes to write reviews for the community, as well as other journalistic coverage for Orange County and the greater Los Angeles Area. Supporting independent theater journalism is a great way to support the theater in our area, the actors, and the behind-the-scenes people who bring such important theatrical events to the community. This article from Angeles Stage highlights the shrinkage of theatrical journalism from one of the largest professional publications in the area.  https://angelestage.substack.com/p/a-shocking-shrinkage-of-stage-reviews

Creators you would be supporting:

Alina Mae Wilson

Patrick Chavis

Daniella Litvak

Zack Johnston

Matthew Robinson

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