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Original Show : Trumped by Lauren Velasco playing One Night Only @ Theatre Out in Santa Ana

Trumped: A Special Inauguration Day Event, occurring Jan 20th 7pm @ Theatre Out in Santa Ana 

Synopsis: T’was the night before the inauguration and all through the White House everyone was stirring, because things were f!*%ked up! The date is January 19th, 2017 and Donald Trump needs to be visited by three spirits who are ready to teach him some lessons. He is visited by the ghost of none other than the former Supreme Court Justice, Scalia, who gives him a warning and a chance at redemption. This chance comes in the form of three spirits  resembling women of great importance in his life. They show him images of his past, injustices of today and dangers of the future. He sees the pain of his childhood, the bloodshed around the world, and the damage he will do to the United States. Realizing his error of  running for president with no qualifications, experience, or feasible plans, he swears to make things right. This dark comedy is a mixture of the classic story of “A Christmas Carol” and current affairs. Taken from the press release

100% of funds raised will support charities and organizations that have been threatened with defunding under the new administration.

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