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S&M without the Guilt – Venus In Fur @ South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa – Review

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

There are not enough S words to describe the production of Venus & Fur at South Coast Repertory, but I’ll try. The show was simplistic, splendid, suggestive, and straightforward all at once. And don’t let me leave out sexy. There’s plenty of that.   

Venus & Fur is a 90-minute one-act play about a new director named Thomas, who is about to give up on finding the perfect actress to star in his adapted version of the book Venus in Furs. When he’s about to leave, an actress named Vanda (coincidentally the same name as the character he is casting for) blazes through the door as a crazy mess. She proceeds to audition for him, and he is shocked and pleased to find that this lunatic might be the performer he has been searching for. But who is this Vanda? Where does she come from? What does she want? And where exactly will their relationship end? All of these questions and more are answered in this simple but thickly layered show that will leave you thinking way after you leave the theater.

Graham Hamilton (Thomas) Jaimie Paige (Vanda)

In addition to the flat-out mystery, we are also witnesses to some delightful sensuality. Jaimi Paige (Vanda) and Graham Hamilton (Thomas) play off of each other so well. Some moments in this play positively sizzle. But it’s not just about sex. There is more laughter than lust, and the jokes are well done. Not one dull moment.


Side note :

Roman Polanski just released an international film release of this play this year.  

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Location & Dates :  

South Coast Repertory
655 Town Center Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

October 5, 2014 – October 26, 2014

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