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Taken from the press release: The Stage Raw 2024 Awards Recipients Are: Puppet Design Robin Walsh, For the Love of a Glove, Center for...

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The Stage Life of Wyatt Hatfield (aka Wyatt Hatfield’s Lament)

Photo credit: JOCELYN A. BROWN Written by Patrick Chavis In 2023, and it is undeniable in my eyes and ears, we have enjoyed some lovely...

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‘In The Green’ writer and OC-native Grace McLean talks about medieval art, leaning into weirdness, and her path to finding the stage.

Written by Zack Johnston You wouldn’t think to question it now, but Grace McLean never imagined herself growing up to be a...

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CABARET @ Stage Door Repertory Theatre in Anaheim – Review

 (Photo Credit: Amy Gettys) Written by Alina Mae Wilson  Cabaret is a musical about German people having orgies in clubs, or...

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Once Upon the Stage… Once @ South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa – Review

(photos by Jordan Kubat)  Written by Scotty Keister  Once, the movie and the stage musical now running on the South Coast...

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Blood Brothers @ Stage Door Repertory Theatre in Anaheim Hills – Review

Written by Daniella Litvak If you are familiar with London’s West End theatre scene you may have heard of Blood Brothers. It holds...

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