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Who is Roger Miller? : King of the Road The Roger Miller Story @ The Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach – Review

(Photo by Ed Krieger)

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

I recently went over to the Laguna Playhouse and saw King of the Road, the Roger Miller Story.  Last week if someone asked me to tell them about Roger Miller, I might have responded he has a familiar name, and that would have been it.  Since then I have been educated and can inform you that Roger Miller was a famous songwriter, musician, and actor.  Although I can now spout a few soundbites about the man, I have not been transformed into a passionate fan nor have I been passionately enlightened.  King of the Road  tries to tell us Roger Miller’s story but its more successful at bombarding us with trivia instead of telling us (what should be) a rich and fulfilling story.  Consider me educated –not moved. Continue Reading

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American Coast Theatre Company presents : Comedy of Error @ Vanguard University in Costa Mesa – Review


Photo Credit Susie Sprinkel Hudson

Written by Scotty Keister

(Spoiler alert : This review is full of Spoiler, you have been warned)

If online dating really went like this it might put the whole internet out of business. Comedy of <<ERROR>>, now in its world premiere at Vanguard University’s lovely Lyceum Theater, and produced by American Coast Theater Company, is a wild and wooly look at dishonesty and deception as played out on a particular dating site, Date Jane

The idea is to put bookish folks together for romance. The site’s creator, Charles, is both the culprit behind a good deal of the malfeasance here and the romantic lead of the story. Charles is desperately trying to hook up his apparently one and only paying customer, Bill, before he quits and demands his money back, a sum of $800 which Charles happens to need desperately as a down payment for a honeymoon with his girlfriend Chloe, to whom he has not yet even proposed. Being that the engagement ring has been inadvertently locked in a kitchen safe by Chloe’s wacky brother Donald and cannot be extracted for a week, Charles has some nifty romance-spinning to do in order to keep alive his hopes of a successful proposal. Yeah, it all seems pretty convoluted and far-fetched. The basic idea that a dating site can exist with only one paying customer is crazy enough, but what follows is even crazier.

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World Premiere : Comedy of ERROR @ American Coast Theater Company in Costa Mesa – Preview

Charles is a struggling web developer who runs his online dating website. He’d like nothing more than to quit his day job, focus on the website full-time, and ask his girlfriend of four years to marry him, but there’s only one problem: the website is a failing business. When Charles’ best (and one of his last) clients threaten to cancel his subscription to the site due to a lack of results, Charles enlists the help of his best friend to make a last-ditch effort to keep his client and save his company through hilariously deceptive means. This charming romantic comedy entertainingly explores the nature of modern love in the digital age. (taken directly from the press release)

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Lyceum Theatre 
Vanguard University 55 Fair DriveCosta Mesa, CA 92626

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Politics As Usual : Zealot @ South Coast Repetory in Costa Mesa – Review

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

Political intrigue has the potential to be complicated and fascinating. What happens behind closed doors is a mystery that tempts the interest of many. This temptation might prompt one to attend Theresa Rebeck’s Zealot. Sadly, Zealot brings nothing new to the political drama genre, and it seems to regurgitate important facts but fails to provide a genuine emotional connection to the audience.    

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